27 juillet 2016

Marre des causeries? Riez-en!

À se tordre.


“Thought Leader” gives talk about “Thought Leadership” that will inspire your thoughts



By CBC Radio

Pat Kelly vividly remembers when he first knew he was a "thought leader":

"In 2005, I met another 'thought leader' and I asked him how he became a 'thought leader' and he said 'I don't know.' It was then that I knew I could be one too."

Kelly proved his skill at leading thoughts on the This Is That Talks stage this past April in Whistler, BC. As you can see in the video of his talk, Kelly confidently made grand statements, spoke with his hands, and had slides - all hallmarks of a true "thought leader" or "influencer."

Pat Kelly showing that he is a true "thought leader" on the This Is That Talks stage in Whistler, BC. (Joseph Schweers/CBC)

"My talk was a big success: I said things and the audience nodded their heads."

Based on the success of his talk, Kelly hopes to appear on a number of podcasts about "big ideas."

This is That is an award-winning satirical current affairs show that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing is off limits -- politics, business, culture, justice, science, religion -- if it is relevant to Canadians, we'll find out the "This" and the "That" of the story.

Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring introduce you to the voices and stories that give this country character in this 100% improvised, satirical send-up of public radio.

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